Mysore Market and Palace

A palace, a hill temple and a couple of markets; and the photo opps award goes to the market. We actually hit two, one of Mysore’s quaint old markets and its bustling Devaraja Market. They were filled with the usual Indian fair of vegetables, spices and flowers, but this one had something special, vendors who welcomed a camera pointed at their goods.

The Royal Palace is the attraction that brings the tourist though. Personally, I found it a bit hotel like. Perhaps this is due to the British design, intended to mimic Indian style. Magnificent workmanship though made it well worth the tour. A short trip out of town to climb the stairs of sacred Chamundi Hill was well worth the effort too. Continue reading Mysore Market and Palace


We came down from the cool hill station air of Kodai to tropical Kerala. First stop Fort Kochi (Cochin); the Portuguese, Dutch and British cultural melting pot, where there is a Christian church every few blocks – with a pile of parishioners shoes left outside, distinctly Indian style.  The historical trading town still has its Asian Fishing Nets (see the photo below) in use, making for a classic port scene of old meets new. Continue reading Kerala