Baker River Estuary

Caretera Austral Travel Tips

While I was traveling along the Caretera Austral I met Dr. Arturo, a Cohaique based physician, who jotted down notes in my journal on things to do along the way. I found them as informative as any guide book and thought I would share them.

Villa O’Higgins

Alta Vista Trek: Starts over the Mayer bridge (2 miles south of Villa O)

Glaciar Tigre: guide needed. Entre Patagones,  80,000 per group.

Caleta Tortel

Beautiful small town made of cipress. Trek: start from parking lot, around the hill you can see where the Baker River reaches the ocean.

Los Nadis

Day trek beside Baker River. till you get to water jump.


Bank and ATM! Supermarket Merelo, camping stove and gas.

Reserva Tomango: day trek till corkentados. at the river very transparent water. Chance to see huemul (deer that is national animal). Ask for Pancho Melinao if you want boat ride.

Puerto Bertrand

Small town beside the most beautiful part of the Baker River. Kayak, rafting and fishing.

Puerto Tranquilo

Catedrales del Marmal: small weird islands that look like the ones in Avatar. Hire boat on main street.

Glaciar Exploradores: day trek around glacier beneath Mt. San Valentin. Ice climbing optional. Must hire services in El Puesto (includes everything, English speaking).

Cerro Castillo

To see the lagoon and glaciar. hire mixed horseback and trekking guide in Camping La Araucaria – optional traditional barbeque.

Coyhaique Bank, ATM and North Face store. Reservations Nacional Coyhaique. Day trek, nothing special.

Queulaf National Park

North of Coyhaique. Good day trek in the middle of forest / jungle, glaciar views.

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