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ACSP 2013 Itinerary

American Climber Science Peru 2013 Expedition

Six weeks on three different expeditions aiding scientists in studying mountain ecology and glaciers. We worked on a half dozen research projects, summiting six peaks in the Cordillera Blanca collecting data.

Urus Este View
Urus Este View

6/7: Huaraz, meet up with others
6/8: Hatun Machay rock climbing
6/9: logistics
6/10: Ishinca Valley
6/11: rest / science
6/12: rest / science
6/13: Summited Urus, 4am start
6/14: rest / science
6/15: rest / science
6/16: weather rest day
6/17: Summited Ishinca, 2am start
6/18: CSU ecological study to lake
6/19: Huaraz
6/22: Cayash Valley, livestock study on hike in
6/23: rest / science, water ecology study
6/24: super moon, Summited Andavite, 2am, long scree field
6/25: rest / science
6/26: Maparaju HC
6/27: Summited Maparaju, 4am start
6/28: Maparaju traverse to Amazon side of Andes. Night rappel on waterfall, bivy half way.
6/29: Completed descend of waterfall to lake. Traverse and descend to Amazonian side camp.
6/30: Hike out and ride to Chavin, Hotel La Casona
6/31: hot spring, bus to Huaraz
7/1 -7/4: Foro, glacier convention, logistics
7/5: Llanganuco Valley, Cebollopampa camp
7/6: Pisco Refugio camp
7/7: rest / science
7/8: Moraine Camp
7/9: Summited Pisco Oeste, return to refugio camp, wine
7/10: rest / science, repaired weather tower
7/11: hike down to Cebollopampa, taxi – hike to high camp
7/12: Summited Yanapaccha, return to Huaraz
7/13: party night
7/14: Packing day, end of seven months in South America
7/15: bus to Lima, Fly home to Boston

See the full photo archive from the expedition.

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