The majority of my work has been for private corporations and is strictly proprietary. However, some public work is linked below.

Code Repositories

  • My VCS on GitHub
  • Data Science research published on RPubs

Computer Science studies at University of Massachusetts, Boston

Adding a solid foundation in Computer Science to my Electrical Engineering background meshes well. I completed all of the core Bachelor Degree courses of the CS program along with a graduate project in Graph Data Structures.

  • Graph API
    Created by a 6 person team over the course of a year, this API utilizes Java to facilitate populating, accessing and reporting on a Graph data structure.  The Graph data structure – unrelated to illustrations of a mathematical function – provides methods for finding paths between nodes and various other characteristics of the relationships between elements.  For example, it is like knowing about all the flights across the country and looking at your particular trip costs and duration.
  • CS at UMB


Exploits from my time outside the box.