Kathakali Makeup


We came down from the cool hill station air of Kodai to tropical Kerala. First stop Fort Kochi (Cochin); the Portuguese, Dutch and British cultural melting pot, where there is a Christian church every few blocks – with a pile of parishioners shoes left outside, distinctly Indian style.  The historical trading town still has its Asian Fishing Nets (see the photo below) in use, making for a classic port scene of old meets new.

What Kerala traveling is really known for though is a tour of its backwaters, the 900 km network of inland waterways hugging the coast. Many of the villages along these routes still rely on paddles for getting around. We chose one of the popular house boats, complete with cook and crew for a 24 hr tour. I felt this was worth the financial splurge considering it coincided with my one year anniversary, November 29, 2012, of hitting the road!

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