San Martin to Bariloche

As I write on the bus from San Martin to Bariloche, passing through the seven lakes region of Neuquen, I realize what a treat it is to have connections in far off places.  Pedro’s family opening their cottage to us was huge, but there were also little things; like when they gave us a couple of locally caught rabbits, which we turned into a dish inspired from Sarah’s Mexico travels and a stew for our last couple of days in Quila Quina.

Earlier today, before the ferry back, I squeezed in a little adventure with a trip up a nearby peak to a return walk through the Mapuche reservation. This is one of those all-so-rare places where people live without direct access to roads. Back in San Martin we hooked up with Pedro’s old climbing friends, one of whom very graciously put us up for the night in his hilltop home.  Next door were the galleries of the Georg family.  A private viewing of the three generations of Patagonia inspired artwork, in one of the best architectural settings I’ve come across, topped off a truly well rounded day.

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