Two things have driven me along my path in life, a curiosity for how things work and a desire to maintain perspective. The former pushed me through engineering studies, complex projects and markets analysis. The later, well that has delivered a wealthy supply of adventures.

I have always seen pleasure in taking things apart, often simply to see what held them together and allowed them to function in the first place. Opportunities to use that understanding to offer analysis or to design a new is a true pleasure. And adding exercises in perspective which provide a hedge against those rigors of analysis and engineering allow me to gain the all-too-easily lost impact on the greater environment of which they operate.

For me, these exercises involve unique environments, foreign to my usual routine. Quests like a mountain top riddled with hazards, objective and subjective, demand personal responsibility for success or failure. And stepping into a foreign world, like a remote village on the Tibetan plateau, void of common language or culture, viewing a simpler way of life with priorities driven by need and not desire, facilitates epiphanies on life at home. These exercises have broadened my perspective in all aspects of my life, applying foreign adventures full circle to my home routine. And it is this which I hope to share though this site.

Exploits from my time outside the box.