First three weeks of Patagonia


Gary sums up leg 1 of the trip:

Expedition 2012: Patagonia, Land of Extremes Patagonia is the place of legends: the towering, iconic mountains, raging rivers, deep blue glaciers, wild winds, and miles of open, expansive wilderness. There’s a reason the company Patagonia took its name from this corner of the earth. A trip to Patagonia is a dream for most climbers and trekkers, as it was for me. So when the opportunity to go climbing with a couple of friends came up, I jumped on it.

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Expedition 2012: Patagonia, Land of Extremes

Candelaria Mancilla, Raw Patagonia

El Chalten is a tough place to leave. It is an easy to settle into, close knit, climber community, in a spectacular mountain scene; and it is also surrounded by ice sheet to the west and desert to the east. There is always a day bus to a flight out of Calafate, or one of the monotonous long distance sorts that take you through the night up barren Ruta 40, the highway travelers pride themselves in completing for the sake of completing and little other sightseeing reason. I chose to let the views guide me. Continue reading Candelaria Mancilla, Raw Patagonia



The guidebook says “Coleta Tortel is one of those places that simply has to be seen to be believed”.  And, it certainly is surreal.  The town didn’t have a road to it until 2003 and is built on the slopes of a steep fjord. There are no roads within town, only cedar walkways, miles of them. See the Photo Archive.

A postcard from Africa

Time really does fly. It is strange thinking that I am already ten weeks into my Africa trip and well past that point where the day of week becomes meaningless. This is especially true in this cabin high up in the Mt. Mulange range of Southern Malawi where I started thinking about this update. It was a three day hike through some rugged mountains to get here. For the first two nights I had the company of some French, American and Canadian travelers, but tonight I’ve got this 19th century British built cabin all to myself; no excuses for putting off writing now. Continue reading A postcard from Africa

Asia Journal

I finally came across a relatively fast internet in China and since it’s been raining continuously for the past week I decided to spend a little time at the computer. I don’t feel quite up to typing the whole thing, it’s getting long, but here’s some of the logistics. This should help with identifying some of the pictures you come across on the web site or just let some of you know what I’ve been up to for the last year or so. Continue reading Asia Journal

A year and a half in Asia

I figured I am a bit overdue for an e-mail to some of those people I’ve met along the way and some good friends I’ve neglected for a while. So this is to let you know I’m almost back to the real world, a month or so away anyways, and to thank you for all the good times along the way. It’s been about 17 months now since I left the States for work in Japan. Last February, when I traded in the laptop for the backpack, my travels brought me overland from Singapore through Tibet to India with a side trip in the middle to Australia and New Zealand – all with the idea that it isn’t so much the destination but the getting there that traveling is all about. Continue reading A year and a half in Asia

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