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Crossing the Alta Puna

I have really grown to enjoy these long bus journeys.  Today I have the front seat on the upper deck, providing a continuous 180 deg view, for crossing the high Andes from Salta, Argentina, to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. The first awe-inspiring site was the area around Purmamarca, known as The Land of Seven Colors for the many shades of red and brown through green and purple the hillsides take. Continue reading Crossing the Alta Puna

The Frey

Cicuito Chico walk Friday,15th, then the next day Sarah and I hiked up to the well-known climbing area The Frey.  CC was a must-do because Sarah had picked up post cards highlighting it from the limited post office supply in San Martin.  It ended up being a good inspiration.  Beginning at Puerto Panuelos, there are several short trails through Valdivian forest and along small coves of the huge, 100 km glacial relic, Lago Nahuel Huapi.  The highlight being the views atop Cerro Lao Lao. Continue reading The Frey

San Martin to Bariloche

As I write on the bus from San Martin to Bariloche, passing through the seven lakes region of Neuquen, I realize what a treat it is to have connections in far off places.  Pedro’s family opening their cottage to us was huge, but there were also little things; like when they gave us a couple of locally caught rabbits, which we turned into a dish inspired from Sarah’s Mexico travels and a stew for our last couple of days in Quila Quina. Continue reading San Martin to Bariloche

First three weeks of Patagonia


Gary sums up leg 1 of the trip:

Expedition 2012: Patagonia, Land of Extremes Patagonia is the place of legends: the towering, iconic mountains, raging rivers, deep blue glaciers, wild winds, and miles of open, expansive wilderness. There’s a reason the company Patagonia took its name from this corner of the earth. A trip to Patagonia is a dream for most climbers and trekkers, as it was for me. So when the opportunity to go climbing with a couple of friends came up, I jumped on it.

Read the full post at his blog:
Expedition 2012: Patagonia, Land of Extremes

Candelaria Mancilla, Raw Patagonia

El Chalten is a tough place to leave. It is an easy to settle into, close knit, climber community, in a spectacular mountain scene; and it is also surrounded by ice sheet to the west and desert to the east. There is always a day bus to a flight out of Calafate, or one of the monotonous long distance sorts that take you through the night up barren Ruta 40, the highway travelers pride themselves in completing for the sake of completing and little other sightseeing reason. I chose to let the views guide me. Continue reading Candelaria Mancilla, Raw Patagonia